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After serving so many customers, today we can proudly say that our shop, Bonoful, is home to a wide range of cake, pastry, cookies and much more that cater to the diverse taste buds of every patron. All of our delicacies are made using unique recipes that will leave a memorable aftertaste in your mouth. You can call for sweets in times of sudden sweet cravings or when you wish to complete a meal with a delightful dessert.

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Every Products are Authentic.

Better Quality

The Quality of the food is Pure.

Premium Ingredients

All products are good & without adulteration.


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12 AM - 7 PM

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They Have a fine Variety of Dishes and They always Maintain Hygiene while Making the Cake, Pastry or other Stuffs.
Soumajit DAs

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They Undertake Customized Cake Orders and Delivered exactly the same type of cake which I had in My Mind. Absolutely Great Service.
Rajkumar MAllick